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Expert Advice from Women in B2B Sales

The women of our sales team got together to discuss the challenges, heights, and knowledge they wish they'd had getting started in the field. Fastforward: 00:00 Introduction to the Panelists 6:45 - Go somewhere you're heard 21:33 - Jen Murphy on why you need a mentor 33:40 - What questions you should ask before you take a sales job 37:40 - Can you be a woman in sales and a parent? (Yes!) 43:50 - How you can support other women in sales Topics in order of discussion: 1. How and why each of them are in tech sales 2. Challenges of being a woman in the field 3. What it's like at Cockroach Labs and the importance of mentorship 4. Parenthood and a sales career 5. Advice for women looking to start their careers Hear from Jen Murphy (Head of Channel Sales), Carolyn Parrish (Account Executive, International), Mikael Austin (Account Executive, Growth), Charlotte Mastantuono (Account Executive, Commercial), and Lexi Paulin (Account Executive, Growth) first hand on these stories. A few highlights: • Women's voices should not just be heard, but celebrated. • Build your network and leverage it for the rest of your career. • Intangibles are important in sales careers - highlight your go-the-extra-mile projects in your resume. • Lift while rising - as you progress through your career, champion your fellow women to provide support.