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What is the Mission of Cockroach Labs? MAKE DATA EASY

The mission of Cockroach Labs is to Make Data Easy. In this video Sr. Product Manager, Piyush Singh, talks about what it means to Make Data Easy. The SQL database that sits under most applications in the world is old technology that was not built with the Cloud in mind. Now we live in a Cloud-Native world and it's important for developers to have a database that offers the same guarantees as legacy SQL database technology while also taking advantage of life in the cloud. Cockroach Labs is building a database that handles all the complexity of distributed data behind the scenes as opposed to asking engineers to shard at the application layer. The distributed nature of the database also makes life better for users by keeping their data close to give them optimal performance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're interested in learning more about Cockroach Labs or if you'd like to work at Cockroach Labs you can find the appropriate link below: Careers: CockroachCloud: CockroachDB: Blog: Docs: Cockroach University: Community Slack: