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What Is "Flex-Friday" at Cockroach Labs?

One of the company values at Cockroach Labs is work-life balance and for that reason we have a company policy called Flex-Friday. Flex-Friday is a day in which the vast majority of employees work on a project that is outside the scope of their traditional responsibilities. This video, for example, was shot and edited during flex-friday time. In the video Sr. Product Manager, Piyush Singh, describes Flex-Friday as our 20% time and goes into detail about how he sees this policy being used by various employees at Cockroach Labs. TL;DR - Flex-Friday is amazing. Everyone loves it. And it has led to some of the most important innovations in the products at Cockroach Labs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're interested in learning more about Cockroach Labs or if you'd like to work at Cockroach Labs you can find the appropriate link below: Careers: CockroachCloud: CockroachDB: Blog: Docs: Cockroach University: Category Community Slack: