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Learning is Good at Cockroach Labs

Watch to hear from Roachers on different teams about how they've taken advantage of our Learning is Good program, a resource designed to support individualized career growth and professional development! We discuss: • Our Learning is Good budget, a $2500 fund to support conference attendance, course enrollment, and other professional development (and travel to them if they're not local!) • Dogfooding is Good, a program that invites our team members to use our technology to build side projects at no cost (even hosting is covered) • Flex Friday, a practice that differs from department to department meant to reduce meetings and increase self-managed time that can be used to learn and grow. Featuring • Chelsea Lee, People Development Manager (moderator) • Amruta Ranade, Staff Technical Writer • Tim Veil, Head of Sales Engineering • Megan Mueller, Recruiter If you love learning, too, apply here: