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Cockroach Labs AMA: Transitioning to Remote Work

This is a conversation about best practices for working remotely amidst the COVID-19 quarantine. Cockroach Labs is 100% distributed at this point. Ordinarily, we're closer to 30-40% distributed. This video features remote work insight from our more seasoned remote work staff. We get input from Roachers living in Amsterdam, DC, Atlanta, Germany and SF. Watch the video to glean some insights about remote work and to learn a bit more about the culture/character of Cockroach Labs. Here are some of the tips: • Move/exercise extra to compensate for the loss of basic exercise from commutes partition work from non-work visually; hide your work stuff when not working (closet, drape etc) • Set a schedule; create/maintain a ritual to transition from non-work to work (beverage, clothing, moving from one space to another, un-hiding the laptop etc) communicate with your manager/co-workers about what's in your way (children, stress, logistics etc) • Check in with your co-worker's emotional well-being • Spend a little bit of money ($250 sponsored by CRL) to improve your comfort: chair, desk, better microphone etc (also: beware of body posture!!) • Maintain the rituals that help you feel better; care about yourself first show your face in meetings; use face meetings to hold yourself accountable maintaining your routine/rituals • Over communicate and always show your face, it helps to hold yourself accountable and humanize your team. • Separate your work mindset and environment from your non-work life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: