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Roacher of the Week: Anne Birzin, Staff Product Designer

✨ We’re back with a new Roacher of the Week! ✨ Anne Birzin, Staff Product Designer, is a kind soul with a keen eye for color, form, and function. Aside from her product work, she is an avid illustrator and is behind some of the gorgeous images you’ll see atop our blog posts. You can catch her doing yoga to stay grounded and drawing all sorts of lovely things outside of the workday. We could go on, but we’d rather let you meet her and her pup, Bunkie. Both are welcome pick-ups on Tuesday mornings. Join Anne and the rest of us here: #hiring #letsbuildtogether #Peoplepeople #design #product #RDBMS #culture #peoplefirst #art #startuplife --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: