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Roacher of the Week: Amruta Ranade, Sr. Technical Writer at Cockroach Labs

Amruta Ranade could be Roacher of the Week every week. She's just that good. Her impact at Cockroach Labs reaches far beyond her substantial role as a Senior Technical Writer on an education team that puts together some of the clearest and most comprehensive docs in the database industry. In addition to being skilled as a technical writer, Amruta is skilled at being a wonderful person. She treats everyone with a warm respectful kindness. The way that she lives her life inspires admiration in all her peers. Amruta does tons of interesting projects that you can find on Twitter, Youtube or Devto: Twitter - @AmrutaRanade Youtube - - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careers: CockroachCloud: CockroachDB: Blog: Docs: Cockroach University: