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CockroachDB New Release | Spatial Data Types | OSS Disaster Recovery

In this video the Chief Product Officer from Cockroach Labs, Nate Stewart, discusses the new release of CockroachDB which includes support for Spatial Data Types as well as new OSS Disaster Recovery options and much more. 00:00 Who uses CockroachDB? 00:34 How do SpaceX, Comcast and Ebay use CockroachDB? 00:55 CockroachDB 20.2 Updates 1:16 What is Spatial Data 1:37 Postgres Compatibility 1:52 Support for developer tools from Java, Python and Ruby 2:00 Easier Debugging in web UI 2:09 Free Distributed Disaster Recovery 2:35 CockroachDB Performance Improvements 3:13 Scaling Reads & Writes 3:22 CockroachCloud, the fully managed database as a service 3:40 Questions Relevant Links: CockroachDB 20.2: CockroachCloud: CockroachDB: Spatial Data Glossary: