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CockroachDB 20.1 Release: Build Fast & Build to Last

In this video Nate Stewart, the Chief Product Officer at Cockroach Labs, walks you through the highlights from our 20.1 Release. Hi, I'm Nate Stewart, Chief Product Officer at Cockroach Labs and today I want to share the three things you need to know about the newest release of our distributed SQL database, CockroachDB 20.1. 1. The first thing you need to know is that CockroachDB, now supports just-in-time global scale outs. This is all about agility. In previous releases, CockroachDB helped you adapt to changing customer demand with horizontal scale outs. So, changing customer requirements with the ability to, adapt the structure of your tables on the fly. Now you can adapt to changing geographical markets, starting with a single node deployment, growing to a multi-region deployment and ultimately to a global data architecture all without downtime. And all without having to plan ahead. This is the type of functionality that was so important to the team at Nubank, the leading financial technology company in Latin America, they use CockroachDB today to power the transactions of millions of customers in Brazil, but they also use Cockroach because, it gives them a path to scale from Brazil to Argentina to Mexico and other countries. They can keep their data close to their customers no matter where it's demanded. 2. The second thing you need to know is that we've improved CockroachDB's Postgres compatibility. You can now work with the tree structure data or graph structure data natively in CockroachDB. In popular frameworks like Hibernate and Django, those work out of the box. 3. The last thing you need to know is that CockroachCloud, is the fastest way to get up and running with CockroachDB. CockroachCloud is our fully managed database as a service and in this release we've received our SOC 2, Type one certification, which attest that we have the controls and the processes in place to protect your most sensitive data. We're seeing adoption of CockroachCloud from both startups and enterprises. Take Lush For example, the global handmade cosmetics company, they have thousands of stores and they're starting to use CockroachCloud to power the global supply chain. So those are the three things you need to know about our newest release. We support just in time global scale outs. We've improved our Postgres compatibility and CockroachCloud, is the easiest way to get up and running. But that also represents just a small fraction of what we've delivered this release. We've made performance enhancements, security improvements, and added a slew of new functionality to help you build that next mission critical application. ---------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: