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True Cost of a Cloud Database

The true cost of a cloud database is a difficult thing to quantify, but everyone buying a database today has to think about it. Deployment of a database has always been about more than just the hardware and software costs. And now, with the cloud, there is added complexity to consider when thinking through total cost of ownership of a database. Where do you start? In this session we will walk through a (hopefully) comprehensive set of considerations that span the physical and opportunity costs that might be associated with the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a cloud database: Some of the items we will cover include: - The hardware and software costs of services the cloud - The cost of a scaling a database - How to consider downtime a cost vector - The opportunity cost of speed to deploy and modify - How database performance impacts costs - Storage, replication and balancing costs We hope this will help you with some decent direction of areas to explore when you think through the TCO of a cloud database.