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Why use a distributed database? DoorDash tells their CockroachDB story

In this video, Sean Chittenden from DoorDash explains why DoorDash chose to use a distributed database. In the video Sean explains DoorDash's entire CockroachDB story including examples of problems that CockroachDB helps DoorDash solve - and the headaches that it helps them avoid. He also goes into the challenges of working with a Distributed Database and the different skills required to get them working properly. 00:00 Introductions to DoorDash & CockroachDB conversation about Future-Proofing Scale-Out Systems 7:32 Using cloud databases to avoid scheduled maintenance windows 13:28 How does DoorDash use CockroachDB? 16:31 How to balance scaling out and scaling up 17:30 How DoorDash thinks about scaling reads & writes (and transactions) 18:26 The challenge of database isolation levels 20:29 How developers experience CockroachDB 22:20 How DoorDash is currently deployed with CockroachDB 22:35 The importance of Topologies in Multi-Region Writes 23:50 How do you handle the back pressure of enabling multi-region writes? 26:20 The value of secondary indexes & the difference between Postgres and CockroachDB 28:39 The biggest takeaway about CockroachDB from DoorDash 29:40 How to understand Distributed Systems 30:20 When do you start to see the full value of a distributed system? 30:44 What is CAP Theorem? 34:45 Understanding how RAFT works is the key to understanding Distributed Systems 36:23 How to architect for resilience (instead of planning for resilience) 40:15 Why choose a distributed database 41:52 Why DoorDash uses CockroachDB 43:20 What happens in CockroachDB when you decommission a dead node? 45:28 How CockroachDB scales for huge spikes in traffic 46:15 Example of a scale-up activity in which you can see all the leasholders converging 47:06 How DoorDash does upgrades 47:33 Rolling upgrades in CockroachDB 48:00 What tooling does DoorDash use to deploy CockroachDB 49:55 Smooth p99 Latency on high volume traffic going through CockroachDB 51:00 The challenge of building a UI for Distributed Systems 56:59 What advice does DoorDash have for other CockroachDB users? #DoorDash #DistributedSystems #DistSys #CloudDatabase #DistributedDatabase See who else uses CockroachDB: Give CockroachDB a try for free: