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The Architecture of a Serverless Database

CockroachDB has already defined what it means to be a cloud database and its unique architecture delivers some key innovations. Now with CockroachDB Serverless we use CockroachDB’s architecture to remove all barriers between developers and the promise of a massively scalable, familiar SQL database that can power applications of any size. In this session, we deliver a deep-dive exploration into the internals of a serverless database, exploring the following, and more: • How to automatically scale your workload with zero downtime • How Raft and MVCC are used to guarantee serializable isolation for transactions • How Cockroach automates scale and guarantees an always-on resilient database • How to tie data to a location to help with performance and data privacy • How to only pay what you use and never overspend Chapters for the Architecture of a Serverless Database tech talk: 00:00 - 07:11 The architecture of CockroachDB Serverless 07:11 - 11:08 CockroachDB Serverless 11:09 - 12:42 The distributed state of databases 12:42 - 13:49 How CockroachDB built a Serverless Database 13:49 - 18:35 The storage layer of CockroachDB 18:36 - 19:59 How CockroachDB replicates data 19:59 - 22:04 The distributed consensus algorithm of Raft 22:04 - 29:55 CockroachDB Serverless 29:56 - 35:13 How does CockroachDB Serverless work? How does CockroachDB scale? 35:13 - 35:58 CockroachDB Advertisement 35:58 - 40:33 What is the cost per request unit? 40:34 - 42:02 Will it be a free extension when things go multi-region global? 42:07 - 43:10 What's the difference between distributed execution in the traditional CockroachDB implementation versus this one? 43:11 - 44:27 Do you have any stats on performance on large loads compared to large databases like Snowflake? 44:30 - 46:37 Will there be an option for private links to share the burden of running Serverless? 46:37 - 48:01 How are you doing with retail? 48:05 - 49:04 Are there any plans on integrating login credentials with cloud temp credentials? 49:07 - 50:56 Was there any improvement in performance when compared to the open source C++ engine? 50:56 - 52:40 What was the question trigger for this event? CockroachDB - a Distributed SQL cloud-native database designed for consistency, resiliency, located data and scale - is the core of CockroachDB Serverless. To start building with our Serverless Database for free (forever) just go here: