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Power of Multi-region in CockroachDB | The speed of light is too slow!

Director of Engineering, Adam Storm (a toronto native), explains what CockroachDB is, how it works, how it's differentiated in the market, and why you should come help us build the future of infrastructure. 00:00 CockroachDB, Cockroach Labs and Serverless 01:25 How our presence in Toronto has evolved over the past few years 02:39 What is CockroachDB? 04:30 Multi-region databases and applications 09:08 what is the speed of light & why is it too slow? 12:21 Why do people want multi-region databases? 13:36 The power of multi - region databases 16:27 How regional tables work under the covers 19:56 How global tables and action work 22:15 Regional tables and nonvoting replicas in remote regions 24:53 How does CockroachDB achieve region survivability? #CockroachDB #DistributedSQL #Serverless