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How to use Containers, OpenShift and Kubernetes with Red Hat

In this week's Cockroach Hour we will sit down with Scott McCarty, Principal Product Manager for Containers from Red Hat to talk about Kubernetes, OpenShift, and all things containers and microservices. This should be a lively conversation where we'll cover some of the following: 00:00 Introductions 6:31 What is a container 8:35 Are we at steady-state with kubernetes? 12:28 The OS always matters 14:48 How to deploy on OpenShift - Getting started with containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift - Operators and running software on Kubernetes - Workloads running on OpenShift (challenges and benefits) - What does "multi-cloud" mean? Is it a reality? - Red Hat's vision of the future - A tactical approach to getting your workloads on Kubernetes