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How to get started with Kubernetes on CockroachDB | k8s Operator

In this video three veterans of infrastructure, micro-services, and Kubernetes discuss the current state of Kubernetes and how you can get started with Kubernetes on CockroachDB. What is Kubernetes and how is Kubernetes being used today? You're only as resilient as the least resilient part of your infrastructure 00:00 Introduction 00:38: How have databases and Kubernetes changed in the last couple years? 00:55 What is Kubernetes today? 1:10 How is Kubernetes being used in 2021? 1:25 What were the first generation of Kubernetes applications? 2:37 What is the biggest change in Kubernetes in the last 18 months? 4:39 The problem with running your database alongside Kubernetes 8:00 Why did CockroachDB need an Operator? 8:20 What is a Kubernetes Operator? To learn more about how CockroachDB fits with Kubernetes you can go here: Some useful documentation for getting started with CockroachDB and Kubernetes can be found here: