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How to get great database performance & low latency data access

In this livestream you'll learn about ways to get great database performance & low latency data access everywhere in the world. Many applications are deployed across multiple regions so they can meet customers where they are and/or ensure availability. However, these deployments add significant complexity to database operations and data consistency suffers. CockroachDB was built to address these challenges and we’ve recently simplified a multi-region deployment of a consistent database down to a few simple, declarative SQL statements applied as DML. We want to make scale, availability, and low latency access to data as easy as possible for everyone, and it’s all about where your data lives. Please join us in this session as we discuss the challenges of distributed services, multi-region applications, and how distributed data can actually be pretty easy. We will talk through: • Get high availability without complex costly, active-passive regional deployments • How to simplify global data consistency and ensure data integrity • Configuration of tables to ensure access and reduce latency to explicit users. • Why multi-region applications matter and why (almost) every database should be multi-region