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How Amazon Aurora Works | Amazon Aurora Architecture | Cloud Database Architecture

In this video we take a look at Amazon Aurora Architecture and discuss how it works; including detailed descriptions of Amazon Aurora as a Global Database, their multi-master variant, and their "serverless" offering. To get a complete breakdown of how Amazon Aurora compares to CockroachDB check out this page: 00:00 Basic Architecture of Amazon Aurora 2:15 Distributed Storage Layer 3:20 Quorum Writes in Amazon Aurora 4:55 Limitation of Amazon Aurora 5:14 Scale & Resilience in Amazon Aurora 5:37 Issues with writes in Amazon Aurora (5-10 second downtime for writes) 7:20 Transaction Consistency in Amazon Aurora (by default you're set to "read committed" you can switch that to "serializable") 9:14 Amazon Aurora as a Global Database 10:39 Inconsistent transactions and write latency issues when scaling Amazon Aurora as a global database 11:45 Resilience in Aurora Global Database 13:20 Compliance with data privacy regulations 15:31 Cost of replicating data in Amazon Aurora 16:12 Issues with Amazon Aurora Multi-Master #AmazonAurora #GlobalDatabase #CloudDatabase ________________________________________________________________________________________________ How global is Amazon Aurora?: CockroachDB vs Amazon Aurora: