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Geo-distributed Data, Data Residency, App Performance & Compliance

In this video we discuss some important concepts in distributed systems including, Geo-distributed Data, Data Residency, App Performance & Compliance. Whether data is distributed across a single region, the country, or across the globe, WHERE it resides can be incredibly important. The speed of light, data privacy, and compliance with data regulations are all something you need to consider. But, how do you control data residency? Do you leave it to the application layer? At Cockroach Labs we believe the database should control where data lives. Why? Because with distributed systems this is of the utmost importance. So, we built our geo-partitioning feature to help you configure this on each table at the row level. And while this helps you get better performance in geo-distributed deployments, it also has the added benefit of helping organizations comply with data privacy regulations. 00:00 Introduction to Geo-partitioning in global applications (and to the speakers) 6:26 What is Geo-Partitioning? 10:31 How does CockroachDB partition data at the row level? 12:55 Using a Key-Value Store 13:23 Primary Keys in CockroachDB 16:44 Covering index 17:30 How automatic sharding relieves operational burden 18:03 What happens when you have a user that moves? What pattern keeps data close? ('Follow the user' use-case) 19:12 CockroachDB was built to solve latency problems 19:45 Using data partitioning for compliance with data regulations 22:42 DATA PARTITIONING DEMO BEGINS with a distributed 9 node cluster 28:40 How to improve database latency (online schema change) 33:00 p99 and p90 latency improvements 37:35 Design to Survive. Don't design for failure. 41:15 Is there an easy way to add a 3rd database that participates in quorum? And why do we need 3 databases? 46:45 Can CockroachDB run in Kubernetes? 49:35 How to solve hot spots --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: