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Never Shard Another Database & Gain Effortless Scale

Sharding is how most of us scale Postgres. It works, however, it is not without its challenges.  What key should we shard on? How big will my shards need to be?  What if we want to reshard? CockroachDB automates the sharding process. If you want to scale, you simply spin up a node, point it at the cluster and the database takes care of rebalancing and moving data. You can scale on the fly and even reshard while in production without downtime or loss of data. And CockroachDB is wire-compatible with PostgreSQL. In this webinar, we will speak through how CockroachDB delivers this effortless scale, covering: - Primary keys in Cockroach - the “key” to sharding - RAFT, range partitions and an architecture that delivers scale - Automating data placement for latency and resilience - Re-shard in production without downtime