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How to get optimal performance from AWS, Azure, and Google

In this video, you'll learn tips for how you can get optimal performance from AWS, Azure, and Google. Earlier this year, we published the 2020 Cloud Report and as expected, the AWS, Azure, and GCP teams each weighed in how we could have better tuned these environments for optimal performance both on benchmarks and for real-world workloads. In this talk, we will sit with the team responsible for the benchmark and walk through the report and some of the feedback we received from each of the cloud providers. It is an insider’s view of the process and we hope it will provide you valuable insight into what to look for in your own analysis and evaluations. Some topics covered will be: - Cloud performance benchmarking strategies and lessons learned - Practical guidance on how to get the best performance from each cloud - Lessons Learned: How the 2020 report will affect our future test plans