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Kubernetes tutorial | Kubernetes StatefulSets | Kubernetes Databases

In this Kubernetes Tutorial discussion, Jim Walker (CoreOS, Cockroach Labs) and Keith McClellan (DataStax, Mesosphere, Cockroach Labs) talk through some of the challenges of Kubernetes in general, Kubernetes StatefulSets and Kubernetes Databases like: - Running a database in #Kubernetes - Operators and databases, what and what - The problem with casual consistency in NoSQL - Why federation data and not compute 00:00 Introductions 4:51 The difference between #Mesosphere and Kubernetes 13:27 How storage works in Kubernetes 14:30 Persistent volumes in Kubernetes 17:40 If a pod fails when does #GarbageCollection happen in Kubernetes? 18:40 Mount Storage vs Local Storage in Kubernetes 20:20 What is a #StatefulSet in Kubernetes? 23:29 The difference between a #Daemonset and a StatefulSet 25:35 Can you use daemonsets with CockroachDB 28:07 What developers need to know about statefulsets 32:05 What is a #KubernetesOperator #CockroachDB #DistributedSQL How to orchestrate CockroachDB in a single Kubernetes cluster: CockroachDB on Kubernetes: