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Cloud Database Architecture | CockroachDB vs. Amazon Aurora | Aurora Database Architecture

The cloud database architectures of the best OLTP databases have some distinctly different strengths and weaknesses. In this webinar we compare CockroachDB with Amazon Aurora to highlight the strengths and limitations of each; as well as which workloads are the best fit for each of these powerful databases. 00:00 Data rich application requirements 5:30 Why database architecture is so important in the cloud 8:40 Architecture of Amazon Aurora 28:00 Architecture of CockroachDB 36:00 Price of Amazon Aurora compared to CockroachDB 38:40 CockroachDB vs Amazon Aurora - Final Comparison Chart In this webinar, we will walk through workloads of each database and compare the value covering: - The key differences in scale of both CockroachDB and Aurora. - The true cost of each cloud database. - Multi-cloud and the pitfalls of the vendor lock-in. Relevant Links: How global is Amazon Aurora?: Amazon Aurora Architecture: Amazon Aurora vs CockroachDB: