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2021 Cloud Report | Cloud Performance Evaluation | AWS vs GCP vs Azure

In this video the authors of the 2021 Cloud Report will explain the highlights from their benchmark evaluation of AWS, GCP and Azure - including who has the best throughput, the best network latency, and the best storage I/O performance. 00:00 Introductions 2:50 Why CockroachDB benchmarks the public clouds 4:40 How did the clouds perform? 4:57 How does AWS perform? 5:28 How does Azure perform? 6:14 How does Google Cloud Platform perform? 7:17 What is the history of the Cloud Report? When did it get started? And why? 8:06 Why do we benchmark AWS, GCP and Azure? 9:52 Why should users trust the Cloud Report? 11:49 How does CockroachDB determine the benchmarks? 16:14 What is the collaborative process like with each of the clouds? How did CockroachDB decide which machines to test? 19:15 How to do Network Benchmarking ... Here is a link to the actual Cloud Report: Here is a blog that summarizes the findings of the cloud report: Thanks for watching! If you'd like to work at CockroachDB and perhaps help with the 2022 Cloud Report check out our open roles (there are a lot):