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Spatial Data Demo | High Availability Spatial Data | Geospatial App

In this spatial data demo, Michael Goddard focuses on building highly available geospatial applications after remembering an encounter with a spatial data workload that failed on him. In this demo application, Michael looks for pubs near his location on a map in London. In the geospatial demo application Michael uses: •Leaflet •Python •Flask •Mapbox •CockroachDB K8s operator •CockroachDB •OpenStreetMap Spatial Data Demo Time Stamps: 00:00 Introduction of Spatial Demo Application 1:00 CockroachDB Spatial Data Support 2:00 Scaling Spatial Data Horizontally 2:15 How to Deploy with Kubernetes Operator 6:18 Example of Spatial Data application 6:34 Event handler for refreshing spatial data 6:55 Spatial Data Application Tech Stack Spatial Data Demo Resources: Data set: GitHub repository: Spatial Data Reference Material: