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How to Lower Network Latency in 3 Steps | Multi-Region Applications

In this video we show you how to set up a multi-region application in 3 simple steps. Historically making a multi-region application has always been very difficult. That is no longer the case. Check out the demo to see how simple it is to make your application and your database to be multi-region. Multi-Region Demo Chapters: 00:00 Why Multi-Region Applications Matter 00:17 Multi-Region Apps solve latency and uptime 00:54 How to make your database multi-region 3:06 How to set up your database to survive region failures 4:00 How to get fast read access for my application 5:00 How to make a regional by row table 100 milliseconds of latency can make or break a user experience. If it takes longer than that to get logged in or to load a product page then a lot of users will lose patience. One way of solving for low latency and for making sure your app is always available is to deploy it in multiple regions. A multi-region application is an application that is deployed in multiple regions. People chose to do this for a variety of reasons but most commonly it’s done to keep data close to users for latency purposes and to be able to survive region failures. What’s important to note is that anyone can deploy an app in multiple regions but it won’t perform well if the database isn’t multi-region as well - you can get it to work okay, but it takes lots of complex logic in the application layer to get decent performance. This complexity is part of the reason why we still see so many single region application deployments even when users are all over the world. What we demonstrate is a simpler way to deploy a highly available and scalable multi-region application on a multi-region database. It actually just takes three steps: First you’ll deploy your un-changed application into multiple regions. Second, you deploy your database into multiple regions. And third, you’ll optionally enhance your table patterns for your latency needs. #DistributedSystems #MultiRegion #CockroachDB #CloudDatabase