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Race: Setting up CockroachDB vs. cooking ramen!

This is a very serious race in which Charlie Custer from Cockroach Labs attempts to set up a cloud database faster than he can microwave a bowl of ramen.

Do you think you could set up a new cloud SQL database in less time than it takes to cook a bowl of ramen?

We decided to put it to the test, starting from registering a new account, spinning up a free CockroachDB cluster, and connecting to it via the SQL shell. The race is on, and you'll never guess who won!

0:00 CockroachCloud setup vs. microwave ramen

0:30 Step 1: Registering a new account

1:30 Spinning up a cluster

2:01 Downloading the client

2:17 Connecting via the SQL shell

2:26 There can only be one winner

3:06 To the victor goes the ramen

Set up your own forever-free cloud SQL database: