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Kubernetes Operator Tutorial | OSS Kubernetes Operator

In this Kubernetes Operator Tutorial, you'll learn how to use our OSS Kubernetes Operator. What is a Kubernetes Operator? Great question: A Kubernetes Operator is a software extension of Kubernetes that serves as automation for typical human operator tasks. Operator tasks can include cluster and database security, storage configuration, scaling up and down, and performing upgrades. What is the Kubernetes Operator for CockroachDB? The new open-source Kubernetes Operator for CockroachDB was developed using best practices learned from years of running hundreds of clusters on Kubernetes for our cloud service, CockroachCloud. The Kubernetes Operator for CockroachDB makes it easier for teams to manage: Deployment - Deploy a secure CockroachDB cluster and automate basic configurations. Management - Simply scale a database cluster up and down in Kubernetes without any manual manipulation of data. Online Rolling Upgrades - Upgrade CockroachDB and apply security patches without any application downtime. 00:00 How CockroachDB fits with Kubernetes 00:33 What is a Kubernetes Operator 00:45 Why use a Kubernetes Operator 00:58 Kubernetes Operator tutorial demo begins 1:15 Creating a secure cluster 3:25 Scaling a Kubernetes cluster up and down with the Kubernetes Operator 4:06 How to perform rolling upgrades with a Kubernetes Operator #Kubernetes #CockroachDB #KubernetesOperator #OpenSource Kubernetes Operator Blog: Git Hub link: RedHat Marketplace Link: