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How to upgrade with Zero Downtime | How to Recover Nodes

This video shows how the K8s operator helps you to recover nodes that have gone down, how to upgrade your CockroachDB software with zero down time, and how you can scale out easily (again with zero downtime). All that within the context of a GeoSpatial "Tourist app". Topics that will be covered in the Demo include: • Deploying the CockroachDB Kubernetes Operator • Using the Operator to spin up a 3 node cluster • The DB Console • Deployment of the CockroachDB GeoSpatial Tourist web app • Loading data for the app into the CockroachDB cluster • Performing a zero-downtime upgrade of the CockroachDB software • Scaling the cluster from 3 to 4 nodes • Terminating one of the pods and verifying that the app remains available 00:00 Intro to the Demo 00:44 Spatial Data application data set 1:38 Deploying GKE cluster 2:18 Telling script to run the data loader 3:30 Starting the Python flask application in a docker container 5:30 How to upgrade with zero downtime #SpatialData #GeoSpatialData #KubernetesOperator #ZeroDowntime #RollingUpgrades