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How to Build a Multi Region App on CockroachCloud - Part 1, The Web App

In this video Eric Harmeling, from the Cockroach Labs Education Team, demo's the multi-region application that he built on CockroachCloud. The application is called MovR and it's a fictional ride-sharing app (similar to Bird or Lime). We use this application to demo the different capabilities of CockroachDB. In this demo, the app is used to demonstrate our Geo-Partitioning capability. For more info on geo-partitioning check out this blog: This video is part one of a 4 part tutorial to walk you step-by-step through the process for building a multi-region application on CockroachCloud. If you're wondering why a multi-region application is necessary this blog by Eric makes the case: And if you'd like to see the documentation on which the video is based you can go here: Want to work with Eric (you do, he's a peach)? Check out our open positions: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: