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How a Serverless Database Works | Featuring CockroachDB Serverless

For (much) more detail on how a serverless database works, check out the blog post: 0:00 How a serverless database works: introduction 0:30 How to get scale & resilience 1:37 How to get consumption-based billing 2:00 Addressing issues with multi-tenant architectures 3:00 Tracing a query 4:07 How to get simplicity 4:44 Try a serverless database for yourself! Three quick notes: (1) Although CockroachDB doesn't have the kind of "cold start" delays often associated with serverless, there can be a delay of a fraction of a second when a query comes in to a previously-dormant database. (2) when a spike in traffic first hits your database, it may take 5-10 seconds to allocate all of the additional pods needed, depending on the specific circumstances. For more details on both of these, see the blog post: (3) In the video we mention that you can scale geographically by adding nodes in different regions, even across regions and clouds. To be clear: this capability is very real in CockroachDB Dedicated and CockroachDB Self-hosted. But it is not currently a capability in CockroachDB Serverless...stay tuned... #Serverless #CockroachDB #ServerlessDatabase #ServerlessArchitecture