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High Level: Apache Cassandra Architecture vs CockroachDB Architecture

This video captures a very high overview of the Apache Cassandra history and architecture as it compares to the CockroachDB Architecture. Both databases are powerful and modern and well adopted. But they have very distinct strengths and weaknesses. And while they often come up in the same conversation - they are usually responsible for different kinds of workloads. They also work nicely together on specific kinds of workloads. 00:00 History of Apache Cassandra 1:17 Apache Cassandra Users 2:52 The basics of Apache Cassandra Architecture 5:35 How reads work in Cassandra 5:55 History of CockroachDB 6:32 Basics of CockroachDB Architecture To go more in depth on the Comparison between CockroachDB and Cassandra check out these pages: • #Cassandra #CockroachDB #ModernDatabase #DistributedDatabase #CloudDatabase