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Getting Started with a Free Serverless SQL Database: CockroachDB Serverless

Need a free database for your next project? Why not go for one that offers automated elastic scaling, bulletproof resilience, and remarkable speed! CockroachDB Serverless is here, so here's how to get started with it and connect it to your application in under five minutes! Sign up and spin up a free cluster: How we built CockroachDB Serverless: 0:00 Getting started with CockroachDB Serverless 0:19 Sign up 0:37 Verify email 0:48 Serverless options 1:44 Installing CockroachDB and certificates 2:57 Connecting to our database 3:21 Creating a table and inserting data 4:03 Our "hello world" Python app 4:30 Running the app 4:46 Success! 5:02 CockroachDB Serverless web interface