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Rolling Upgrades: How to upgrade your clusters in 2 clicks

In this video Emily Horing, a Product Manager on the CockroachCloud team, walks you through a short tutorial in which you'll learn how to to do a rolling upgrade in CockroachCloud in which you'll upgrade your clusters in just two clicks. 00:00 How to upgrade CockroachCloud in 3 steps 1:47 What is a Rolling Upgrade? 2:23 How to issue a database rollback How to upgrade your CockroachCloud cluster to the latest version of CockroachDB in three simple steps: 1. So to start, you can see I'm already logged in to an existing account that I have in CockroachCloud. I have several clusters here. Note that if you're new to CockroachCloud, all new clusters are created with the most up-to-date version of CockroachDB, so there won't be any upgrade actions available to you. 2. Next, I'm going to upgrade one of these clusters. So, in this case, I'll take this upgrade-me which has an upgrade available since it's running v19.2. And to do so, all I have to do is click on the Actions menu over here, just these three buttons on the side, and this will give me the option to upgrade my cluster. I can also go into the cluster details page and take the same action from the Actions menu here. Upgrades are available on a per-cluster basis, so if you have multiple clusters it's highly recommended that you test the upgrade on a staging cluster before applying it to your production instance to make sure you won't have to make any kind of application changes. (It's also extremely important to review the pre-upgrade guidance in our documentation which will tell you all about what kinds of backward-incompatible changes have been made as well as the temporary limitations that will be applied to your cluster during the upgrade process.) 3. So you can see that my upgrade has started and my cluster will be automatically finalized in about 72 hours. So that gives me around three days to monitor my application while enabling a rollback period. Once that cluster finalizes, you won't be able to roll back a cluster to 19.2 anymore, so just keep an eye on it and obviously reach out to support if you're having any trouble. Because I have a three-node cluster, Cockroach will perform a rolling upgrade where one node is upgraded at a time with pauses in between for rebalancing. (A rolling upgrade means that there's no downtime during the upgrade and I can continue to use my cluster. Note that if you have a one-node cluster, you will experience some brief unavailability while that one node is upgrading.) Once my cluster has been updated I have 72 hours to monitor a cluster and issue a rollback if necessary. Or I can choose to finalize more quickly, and this enables me to lift the temporary limitations and unlock some of the 20.1 features that are blocked by finalization. I'm gonna go ahead and do that. And that's it, my cluster upgrade is complete after just two button clicks. You can check out all of the great improvements in 20.1 here: ---------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: