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CockroachDB: the most highly evolved database on the planet

CockroachDB is a cloud database that scales fast, survives anything, and thrives everywhere; making it the most highly evolved database on the planet. Most developers are looking to move faster, spend less, and serve more customers.There’s just one problem: current databases will hold you back. Relational databases weren’t designed to scale-out and NoSQL databases sacrificed standard query languages and ACID transactions in order to operate at cloud scale. We think there’s a better way, because a database that was truly built for the cloud would hide complexity, not create it. That’s why we built CockroachDB….the SQL database for building resilient cloud services. 00:00 Application Developer Priorities 0:17 The problem with relational databases and nosql databases 00:37 What is CockroachDB? #CloudDatabase #DistributedDatabase #ModernDatabase #DistributedSQL #CockroachDB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: