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CockroachDB SIGMOD Conference Talk

This video is the SIGMOD 2020 presentation of our SIGMOD paper in which we present the design of CockroachDB and its novel transaction model that supports consistent geo-distributed transactions on commodity hardware. We describe how CockroachDB replicates and distributes data to achieve fault tolerance and high performance, as well as how its distributed SQL layer automatically scales with the size of the database cluster while providing the standard SQL interface that users expect. Finally, we present a comprehensive performance evaluation and share a couple of case studies of CockroachDB users. We conclude by describing lessons learned while building CockroachDB over the last five years. Read the SIGMOD paper: 1:30 The Architecture of CockroachDB 2:37 Fine-grained control of data placement 3:25 How data is distributed 3:46 How to ensure compliance with GDPR 4:25 How does CockroachDB ensure consistent & fast geo-distributed transactions ---------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: