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What is the future of database technology?

In this Cockroach University lesson titled "What is the future of database technology?”, you will learn what CockroachDB is, and the benefits of using a Distributed SQL database over legacy SQL databases or NoSQL databases. In this lesson, you will learn to: •List the features missing from legacy SQL databases but found in Distributed SQL databases •List the features missing from many NoSQL databases but found in Distributed SQL databases Learn more about CockroachDB by signing up for free training at Cockroach University: 0:00 What is CockroachDB? 0:12 What is OLTP? 0:24 What is distributed SQL ( 0:40 Distributed SQL vs NoSQL vs Legacy SQL 1:58 What are the ACID guarantees? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference Links •Distributed SQL: An Evolution of the Database: (Cockroach Labs Blog post by Jim Walker) •Why Distributed SQL?: (Cockroach Labs Webinar by Jim Walker) •A Critique of Snapshot Isolation, (research paper by Yabandeh & Ferro: hosted on •Why Distributed SQL fits better with Kubernetes that NoSQL or legacy DB's: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: