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What is a gateway node?

In this Cockroach University lesson titled “What is a gateway node?”, you will learn about how the nodes in a cluster work together to keep data available in the face of node failure. Then you will learn about what happens when a range loses its leader due to node failure. In this lesson, you will learn to: •Define the term "Gateway" •Describe what a gateway does 00:18 How does a gateway node work? 1:26 What happens to a database when a node goes down? You will also learn to: •Explain how the Raft group ensures availability in the case of node failure •Explain how to recover from a node failure in a three-node cluster Learn more about CockroachDB by signing up for free training at Cockroach University: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference Links •Reads and Writes in CockroachDB: (CockroachDB Docs) •Fault Tolerance And Recovery: (CockroachDB Docs) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: