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Basics of Distributed SQL Architecture | Why CockroachDB fits k8s

In this video Jim Walker, the VP of Product Marketing, explains the basics of distributed SQL architecture, why distributed SQL is important, and then gets into the unique strengths of CockroachDB's Architecture 00:00 Agenda for the video 00:24 Why is distributed sql important? 00:50 what is distributed sql? 1:30 What is a distributed system 2:05 How is CockroachDB architected? 2:40 What is the magic of CockroachDB? 3:07 How is data stored in CockroachDB? 6:04 How does CockroachDB automate scale? 6:41 How CockroachDB uses RAFT 8:07 How CockroachDB does regulatory compliance Why #CockroachDB fits #Kubernetes: Distributed Transactions Link: What is #DistributedSQL: What is the future of database technology: The architecture of Distributed SQL: