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A Brief History of Databases

In this Cockroach University lesson titled "A Brief History of Databases", we'll take you back to the first database in 1970 and then sprint through the evolution of the database from the creation of SQL through the advent of the internet and then into the present. In this lesson, you will learn to define the following terms: •Transaction •Join You will also learn to: •Identify the years when traditional relational (SQL) databases have been popular •Identify when NoSQL databases arrived on scene •List the problems traditional NoSQL databases were created to solve •List the features of traditional SQL databases that early NoSQL databases typically didn't implement Learn more about CockroachDB by signing up for free training at Cockroach University: 0:00 When was the first database built? 0:30 When was the first relational database built? 0:52 When did SQL became the language of data? 1:12 Why did NoSQL databases become popular? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference Links •A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks: (UPenn Paper) •History Repeats Itself: Sensible and NonsenSQL Aspects of the NoSQL Hoopla: (IBM research paper hosted on --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Careers: CockroachCloud: Blog: Docs: Community Slack: Twitter: