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[ep 1] What Every Dev Needs to Know About K8s | The Cockroach Hour

In our first episode of The Cockroach Hour, Jim Walker (Cockroach Labs, CoreOS) and Keith McClellan (Cockroach Labs, DataStax, Mesosphere) talk what every developer needs to know about Kubernetes. They run through some of the challenges of running a database in Kubernetes; operators and databases; the problem with casual consistency.

This episode includes:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 4:51 The difference between Mesosphere and Kubernetes
  • 13:27 How storage works in Kubernetes
  • 14:30 Persistent volumes in Kubernetes
  • 17:40 If a pod fails when does garbage collection happen in Kubernetes?
  • 18:40 Mount Storage vs Local Storage in Kubernetes
  • 20:20 What is a StatefulSet in Kubernetes?
  • 23:29 The difference between a Daemonset and a StatefulSet
  • 25:35 Can you use daemonsets with CockroachDB
  • 28:07 What developers need to know about statefulsets
  • 32:05 What is a kubernetes operator