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[ep 2] The Cockroach Hour: CockroachDB 101 - Getting Started

We get a lot of basic questions about CockroachDB. And while it is pretty complex under the covers, it presents a pretty simple approach to deploying a modern database.

Some of the most common things we get asked are:

  1. Why did you choose the name cockroach (our favorite)?
  2. How compatible are you with PostgreSQL and MySQL?
  3. How can I get started with the database?
  4. Do you have any sample apps?
  5. What about hello world?
  6. Do you work with my programming language?
  7. How do you shard the data?

In this episode of the Cockroach Hour, we will cover a bit of CockroachDB 101 addressing some of these frequently asked questions. Then we will open it up to you, the audience to ask us whatever you like.