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How Ultimate Tournament built an eSports betting application

In this conversation with the CTO and co-founder of Ultimate Tournament we go way deep into the architectural weeds to understand how they're building an eSports betting application from scratch with CockroachDB. Over the past several years, there’s been an explosion in popularity for a new type of real money betting: Electronic Sports, better known as eSports. eSports betting is the concept of betting on digital athletes who play competitive video games. And it’s becoming a very profitable industry; the global eSports market generated $14B in revenue in 2020 and is projected to grow substantially and exceed $205B by 2027. Conversation Chapters: 00:00 - 01:36 Who is Dan Goodman? 01:36 - 03:01 What is the ultimate tournament? 03:01 - 06:26 What are people betting on in the e-sports space? 06:27 - 10:23 Challenges around data that turned them to a distributed database 10:24 - 11:34 CockroachDB Implementation Details 11:34 - 14:04 How they think about latency in the context of this implementation 14:05 - 23:59 The Pillars of Development 24:00 - 26:29 Importance of building distributed architecture from the start 26:29 - 29:51 What did they evaluate when they were going down this path? 29:52 - 31:55 How many workloads are you running on Cockroach? 31:56 - 34:21 What is Redis setup like and how does it interact with Cockroach 34:22 - 36:47 What application changes did you need to make to minimize the impact of Serializable isolation from Cockroach? 36:47 - 39:46 How to programmatically connect CockroachDB and TimeScale 39:47 - 43:04 Cockroach's ability to backup and restore data 43:05 - 45:37 Why did you start using core and then move to dedicated dedicated? 45:37 - 47:04 Serverless and local development environments 47:06 - 51:42 What is the most important thing that people should know about starting out with CockroachDB