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[ep 6] How to Run a Database as a Service on Kubernetes | The Cockroach Hour

Building a consistent, scalable, distributed database is no easy task. Deploying a database as a service might be equally hard. When we chose a platform to deploy and run our CockroachCloud service, we chose Kubernetes and learned a lot along the way.

In this episode of The Cockroach Hour, we sat down with Juan Leon and Josh Imhoff from our SRE team responsible for CockroachCloud and chatted about:  Why we chose Kubernetes and what went into the evaluation? What are the biggest challenges to deploy anything “as a service”? Best practices for securing multiple Kubernetes clusters? Kubernetes difference across multiple cloud providers? Running and managing multi-region database on Kubernetes?

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 11:09 Why CockroachDB runs CockroachCloud on Kubernetes
  • 18:18 Unexpected benefits of Kubernetes