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How MUX Guarantees High Availability with Multi-Region Architecture

In this livestream about video architecture the head of technology at Mux, Adam Brown, explains how Mux guarantees high availability with their multi-region, multi-cloud architecture. To be clear, this is a high-stakes use case. Live music and sporting events cannot have downtime. So, for Mux, it's essential that they use a database that supports their survivability requirements. This meant not using Postgres, despite all their collective comfort and experience with Postgres. 00:00 What is MUX Video? 1:15 The infrastructure requirements of video 3:32 Why do developers love MUX so much? 4:52 How Mux guarantees high availability 7:40 The complexity of Multi-Region architecture 9:00 How the MUX tech stack works 9:40 Why go multi-cloud? There were some questions in the chat about job openings. Mux recently raised a $100M series D and is "hiring for everything". Here is the link to their careers page: Cockroach Labs completed a $160M series E recently and is also, quite literally, hiring for everything: