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Distributed Principles in a Cloud-Native Database

In this video we'll cover the distributed principles that are essential in a cloud-native database. CockroachDB is helping define the future of the database and its unique architecture delivers some key innovations that may not only provide value for your applications but might also give you insight into the challenges/solutions in distributed systems. In this session, we deliver a deep-dive exploration into the internals of the database, exploring the following, and more: • How the database uses KV at the storage layer to effectively distribute data • How Raft and MVCC are used to guarantee serializable isolation for transactions • How Cockroach automates scale and guarantees an always-on resilient database • How to tie data to a location to help with performance and data privacy CockroachDB delivers a cloud-native Distributed SQL database. It provides effortless scale, bulletproof resilience, and guarantees transactions using a familiar SQL interface. It gives you local latencies even at global scale. We’d love for you to join us and see how it works! Get started with CockroachDB for free: