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Demoing a Multi-Cluster Database Using KubeDoom | What is KubeDoom?

If you've been wondering what KubeDoom is or how it works you should check out this live demo of a Demoing a Multi-Cluster Database under assault from KubeDoom. Running anything multi-cluster in Kubernetes presents a range of challenges and in this session, we talk through a few of the major issues with security and networking. We use CockroachDB to demonstrate how you can have a single logical database across these three clusters. In this hands-on session, we walk through: A candidate reference architecture for a multi-cluster application Multi-cluster secrets management Using Skupper as the cross-domain networking solution We will use KubeDoom to kill pods and demonstrate how the cluster survives 00:00 Introductions to Jim & Keith 2:30 Database architected for the cloud 4:55 What's interesting about CockroachDB 9:35 Cloud-Native Database Disaster Recovery Strategy 12:40 What is the cause of most data disasters? 15:40 Kubedoom live demo intro 24:29 KubeDoom Live Demo Starts #KubeDoom #CockroachDB #Kubernetes