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Database Observability: What's wrong with my database?

Observability in a database exposes key information so that you can easily identify all types of issues and answer questions like: What's wrong with my database? Why are my queries crawling? Where can I make improvements? Is my database on?! In CockroachDB, we go to great lengths to help you inspect and analyze your queries, your database, and the physical cluster itself. In this webinar we walk through some of these areas, including: • How to use EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE • Transaction contention and troubleshooting tools • Network latencies and the speed of light • How to integrate with popular stacks like Prometheus, Alertmanager, and Grafana • Why we are starting to think about a shift from OpenTracing to OpenTelemetry 00:00 Intro to the livestream 3:21 What can go wrong in a database? 5:00 What are the challenges of network speeds? 5:30 What are the challenges of a multi-region set-up? #CockroachDB #Observability #DistributedSQL