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[ep 11] CockroachDB & Kubernetes | Operator Tutorial | The Cockroach Hour

In this episode of "The Cockroach Hour" Jim Walker and Keith McClellan discuss the landscape of Kubernetes Operators as well as the fit with CockroachDB and Kubernetes. Keith delivers a Kubernetes Operator Tutorial to show CockroachDB users how to leverage our open source Kubernetes operator. 

What is a Kubernetes Operator? 

A Kubernetes Operator typically eases deployment and ongoing operations of services and applications. But, to be clear, there are many different kinds of Kubernetes operators that perform different functions. This is because the operators are designed to support the challenges of Kubernetes deployments that are not met by respective databases. 

Because CockroachDB fits seamlessly with Kubernetes the database doesn't need an operator for many of its fundamental capabilities, but there are some areas where an operator can help with deployment, management, and rolling upgrades.

Jump straight to the Kubernetes Operator tutorial.


Kubernetes Operator Conversation Timestamps:

00:00 Introducing Jim Walker and Keith McClellan

4:29 What Kelsey Hightower thinks of CockroachDB and Kubernetes

5:30 What is the state of transactions on Kubernetes today?

11:35 What are StatefulSets in Kubernetes?

24:05 Kubernetes Operator Tutorial

25:11 Kubernetes Operator on OpenShift

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