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An Evaluation Guide for CockroachCloud

Is your application right for CockroachCloud? This 4-step guide provides an overview of CockroachCloud and is intended to help focus your time on the criteria that’s important for your app.

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This 4-step guide provides an overview of CockroachDB-as-a-service — CockroachCloud — and a basic approach for evaluation of the database.  It is intended to help you to focus your time on the criteria that’s important for your explicit application(s).  

This guide will help you:

  1. Discover if CockroachCloud is right for you,
  2. Learn CockroachCloud, 
  3. Establish your success criteria, and
  4. Run your evaluation.

Is your application right for CockroachCloud?  If you have an OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) workload, CockroachCloud may be right for your application. It eases scale and delivers a highly available database built for relational transactional workloads.  It is a good choice for small single region applications but can also grow with you to be deployed in multiple regions without sacrificing latency or consistency.  And if your application has deep requirements for strong data consistency, and/or data locality, then CockroachCloud might be your best choice.

What is CockroachCloud?

CockroachCloud delivers CockroachDB as a service. It extends the benefits of CockroachDB with self service and managed service offerings to make your deployment fast, smooth and simple.  CockroachDB is a cloud database, architected and built from the ground up to deliver a single or multi-region, active-active, strongly consistent SQL Database that gives developers: 

  • Simple, Consistent SQL: Use the tools and the language you use today and eliminate data anomalies
  • Elastic, Efficient Scale: Eliminate need for complex database operations and scale whenever and wherever you want
  • Bulletproof Resilience: Ensure uninterrupted, high performance queries during failure of a server, rack or region
  • Multi-region, Multi-cloud: Start small and grow to meet your users no matter where they are with a single database
  • Distributed & Cloud-native: Align your containerized apps and services with a database architected for modern distributed systems

CockroachCloud is a fully managed service where hardware, deployment, and ongoing management of your database are covered by our SRE (Site-Reliability Engineering) team, so that you can focus on building your application and not the operational complexity of the database.