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Kindred Needed Performance & Regulatory Compliance for Global Users

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Kindred is now developing their most critical applications to use CockroachDB, including their customer wallet. By leveraging the geo-partitioning feature available as of CockroachDB 2.0 (for which they were a design partner), Kindred will be able to keep data close to users wherever they may be, which makes regulation compliance simple while also providing the latency their users need to play in real-time. Geo-partitioning for low latency and regulatory compliance Kindred Group, plc. is one of the world's leading gaming companies, with more financial transactions per year than PayPal. To provide their globally distributed users low end-to-end latencies––requisite for playing in real time––while complying with regulations in a vast number of markets, Kindred needed a database they could deploy anywhere in the world that could also automate regulatory compliance. Kindred began evaluating CockroachDB when investigating options for their next generation of infrastructure. Because of the immense benefit the database provided, Kindred became Cockroach Labs' first design partner, making significant contributions to the technologies that make CockroachDB a powerful choice for global businesses. 6+ Billion transactions per year (more than PayPal) 200+ microservices Compliance with regulations across the globe Realtime interactions with global players Kindred Challenge

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